Past Client Testimonials

I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built over the years working with amazing people from many different backgrounds. Watching their growth and confidence build is a continuous sensation of gratitude and excitement! I am extremely grateful for their words of support.

My journey with Tassin was incredible. She helped me develop life changing practices to be more in touch and aware of my inner self than ever before. I feel focused and clear on my path forward, equipped with vastly improved tools in my toolbox to be my best self.

 Kristin F

I am incredibly thankful to have met and worked with Tassin. Her down to earth approach and ability to relate and listen to me was awesome. Thru working with her over the last several months, I have made so much personal progress and emotional healing. Tassin as a life coach is like Chicken Soup for the Soul. So grateful and thankful for her help and holding my hand through my journey of learning self care. 

Sara H

I have been on a journey as my children have matured and are flying from the nest. Who am I now and what’s next? Tassin’s Creating Clarity class has been a game-changer for me. I have learned how to be aware of myself and to set intentions for my day with boundaries and self-compassion. I learned concrete practices and tools I use every day. I truly feel lighter, happier just knowing I truly know how to care for myself even when issues come up.
I’m so grateful I did this for myself! 


In the last couple of years I have had some life changing situations happen in my life most are good but there is also bad that comes with some heavy emotions I mean heavy. I had been in traditional therapy which had its benefits but wasn’t feeding my soul. I just figured well this is where I am and that’s good enough… I was so very wrong I have known Tassin a very long time she has been my massage therapist and friend. When she offered her classes for choosing yourself and loving yourself I watched her posts for awhile and then I took the leap and I joined a group class. This class has been nothing but amazing in just 4 weeks of this class I am no longer on a natural antidepressant, I am feeling more grounded then ever. The love and support you gain from Tassin is unlike any experience that I have ever had in a therapy setting. Tassin shows up and loves you and supports you in a way that I can’t even put into words. 


When coming into Tassin’s workshop, my bowl was spilling over with stress, fear, overwhelm, anxiety, and worry and I didn’t feel like I had any room left to handle the smallest of life challenges. During her workshop, I learned to shift my perspective, keep my power, and use practical tools to fill my bowl with self care, self trust, and self love. I feel like I spilled off some of the overflow in my bowl and now there is room for me, room for joy, and room to do hard things! Exploring this journey as a group was powerful. I feel like I made some long term connections!